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We are effective, accurate, and a leader in Anilox Roller Service as we have foolproof equipment that allows us to microscopically inspect, measure, and photograph your new or engraved Anilox roll.

"Our inspection methods and knowledge surpass the commonplace use of a microscopic glass, which only vaguely shows the coatings and wear, and is also much more subject to human error."



Jim Sampley (owner and CEO) will be your go-to person for all consultations which include the following:

  • On-site Anilox roller inspection

  • Comprehensive Anilox roller inventory auditing

  • Pressman maintenance education

  • Coating recommendations

  • Money-saving solutions

  • And much more!


With Jim's extensive knowledge and experience, our customers can easily discern and appreciate how we save them money, downtime, and guesswork. 

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