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"Our established type of cleaning system and service provides top-notch results"


The simple truth is there are only two reasons why an Anilox roller loses its ability to transfer material:

ONE is wearing & TWO is plugging.

FLEXable Graphic Solutions, Inc. can advise the best way to save cost and minimize production. We have high-tech capabilities and proficient experience to understand what the cause is for the loss of performance of your Anilox roll.

SOLUTION:  Deep Cleaning by FGS













The use of our Anicam microscopic camera is one tool we use to deliver amazing results. This piece of high-tech equipment determines how much volume could be lost due to accumulated wearing and plugging. The Anicam does this by helping us analyze cell structure and roll-wearing which can be a gradual effect that takes many years to show up and is only visible by a trained eye.

Your Benefits 


Anilox roller life is usually cut short by damage, dings, dents, or score lines which requires your anilox roll to be re-engraved or replaced.

In comparison, proper periodic deep cleaning will extend the life of the roll significantly, providing reliable and consistent performance over time.  

Deep Cleaning your Anilox roller versus engraving saves you money and time resulting in savings for your business as it is a fraction of the cost and fraction of the time your press is down for maintenance and repair. Additional benefits include:

  • Local cleaning is usually a three-day turnaround.

  • All cleaning includes inspection as well as a complete before and after volume report

  • Maintenance programs are available with a yearly subscription discount

Elimination of most common press problems:

  • Offsetting and picking

  • Piling on the coater blanket

  • Bad rub and scuffing



To avoid press downtime during cleaning, ask about our Anilox Loaner Program!

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